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Our customers are the backbone of our business.  Your satisfaction is our goal.  We aim to bring forward quality products for our customers to use


and enjoy.  



Vintage Paris Market - Naturals' handmade products are made using the best organic, non organic and natural ingredients we can find from


sustainable sources. They are not meant to be a cure but may relieve andhelp ailing and troublesome symptoms due to the properties of the


essential oil, oils and butters we use in our formulation. We do NOT claim to be or are FDA tested or approved. If you are pregnant or nursing please


consult with your physician before using products that contain essential oils. Please always discontinue using any product if an allergic or adverse


reaction should take place.




Vintage Paris Market Naturals does not sell your email address or person contact information to third party groups.  We do not keep your credit card


information on file.


We do offer wholesale.  Depending on the quantity you require we will discount accordingly. We have a minimum of 25 units of a single item and or


minimum of $300.00.  Discount chart as follows


~ 25 units of a single item - 25% off total retail price


~ 50 Units of a single item - 30% off total retail price


~100 Units of a single item -40% off total retail price


Must be a business with a business License 


If non-business retail customers want to order large quantities for a party favors or such we will offer a 10% off discount on total orders over 300.00.


- Credit / Debit Cards

- Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover




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