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Handmade Watercolor, Natural Earth Pigment Watercolors, Fine Art Watercolors, Non-Toxic Watercolors, Hand Mulled Watercolors


These are Handmade watercolor using non-toxic earth minerals which are sourced from Italy and France. I have used high quality Gum Arabic as the binder.


You will get 10 half pans of the following colors:

~Yellow Ochre

~Orange Ochre

~Venetian Red

~Mayan Red

~Burnt Sienna

~Emerald Red

~Terre Verte

~French Turquoise

~Ultramarine Blue

~Ultramarine Purple


I have included some art that I painted using this set and also have shown the transparency of the colors in my swatched. Some if the colors are amazingly granulated as you can see in the swatches.


I have a limited quantity in stock and have been working for weeks to create these and cure them. Each set common in a hand decorated tin for easy transport and storage.

Each pan has a magnet.


Handmade Natural Pigment Watercolor

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