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And the story goes like this! My journey started in 2001 when I became pregnant with my first daughter Rita Marie. I had just graduated with my MBA degree, was working in NYC and climbing the corporate ladder. Then the tragic September 11th bombing of the World Trade Center stuck our nation and pregnancy nausea took over me. As the months went by and my stomach started to swell I was doing my best to journey into NYC while controlling the morning sickness that lasted all day and yes for the duration of my pregnancy. The day came when my beautiful daughter enter the world so graciously and took my breath away. From that day on I decided that I was no longer going back to corporate America. My priorities shifted after seeing her angelic face. I spent the next few months loving, nurtering and cooing over her. Once a comfortable routine was set I started thinking about my brand new "shinny" diploma that I had not yet had the pleasure to put to use. An "ahhh" moment came over me! We are living in the world of technology, I can have my cake (in this case my angelic daughter - Rita) and eat it to. I decided to start my own business. This felt right because I have an entrepreneurial spirit and selling comes naturally to me. I opened my first auction site selling craft and scrapbooking supplies. This led me to my own scrapbooking website called Creative Design Boutique, manufacturing scrapbooking paper and a brick and mortar shop in Lake Hopatcong, NJ.

Then poof [again] I found myself pregnant with my second daughter Claudia Anne in 2005. Once again I was dealing with the same nausea that lasted all day and the duration of my pregnancy. I laugh now, LOL! My business was put on hold once again, but this time temporarily because, once all had settled, I was going back to my own business. In the coming months while I was cooing over another angelic face I was also filling web orders and tending to my shop customers. This was my business now and taking a complete brake was not an option. As the months and years went by I busily took care of my 2 gorgeous daughters and worked on my business. Then my husband and I decided to relocate to North Carolina. So I closed up shop and decided to run my business as a website only.

A couple of years after moving to NC I found myself pregnant for the third and last time with another gorgeous girl. Just in case you are wondering nausea took over again and lasted for the duration of my pregnancy. I have to "LOL" one more time, but I assure you it will be the last time. In 2010 my gorgeous daughter Natalie Claire was born. I spent the next few months cooing over her angelic face all the while working on my business. This is where my journey took an even better turn and truly become even more fulfilling. The auction site I was selling on no longer met my expectations. As the saying goes "When one door closes God opens another door". I closed my auction site and concentrated only on my website but that simply was not enough. I needed to do more and that more was to create. Well, thank the lord, that other door was opened very wide because I found my real nitch. I opened my first shop on Etsy and called it Vintage Paris Market. I started making handmade French vintage inspired items like gift tags, cards, sachets, home decor, hand dyed ribbons, wedding cards, wedding accessories and soaps just to name a few. Heck I had enough paper in my stock to make tags to stream around the world 10 times. Why not put it to use!

Creating and learning new skills is my true passion. My love of making all natural soaps led me to the idea of making natural body care products like creams, lotions and scrubs. I already had many wonderful skin loving butters and oils in stock. It was simple for me to segue into body care. I now have the pleasure to experiment with wonderful all natural products like oils, butter and essential oils. I love reading about the many great qualities and benefits different oils, butter and essential oils have. I developed eczema and some skin ailments after my first daughter was born so using natural products and learning about the benefits also helped me with my skin ailments. I am happy to say I have the option to create a real wonderful product using natural products. I am very much enjoying "Living a more natural life"!
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